Review: Grand Slam by Heidi McLaughlin.

Grand Slam

Alright so Grand Slam is a sport romance but there is not a lot of baseball talk. The whole plot is about the whirlwind roller coaster romance between Travis and his PR, Saylor. And when I say roller coaster I mean lots of drama, ups and downs, super turbulent relationship.

Travis and Saylor’s relationship started a couple years back when they had a one night stand after too many drinks at a party. Travis thought they shared the same attraction and had a great night but the morning after Saylor bolted and has been indifferent with Travis ever since. Travis was confused and hurt but he never got answers or reasons from Saylor. Since then, Travis turned into a man-whore, sleeping his way through half of Boston until he got accused of rape. Travis’ playboy way precedes him so unfortunately to his fans, sponsors, and teammates Travis seems guilty until proven innocent. Saylor was assigned to help clean up Travis’s mess. She believes Travis is innocent. Travis has an alibi but getting his alibi to come forward would be impossible. In the meantime, Travis’s focus isn’t proving his innocence though – he is too busy pursuing Saylor. He never got over Saylor and the feeling is mutual. Saylor is fighting it but Travis is determined to win her heart for good this time. The attraction between Travis and Saylor is undeniable – deep down they care for each other but Saylor has her own set of troubles and she cannot afford to get tangled up with the accused rapist.

I really like Saylor – she is smart, sexy, and strong. I also like Travis and all his alpha male sexiness. He is persistent when it comes to winning Saylor’s heart and he is so sweet with Saylor’s daughter – I adore him for that. However, I have to say I was frustrated that whenever his troubles took turn for the worse, he turns to alcohol resulting in his temper flaring. A couple times, he might have caused more trouble for Saylor. So I did not like the fact that he was not strong for himself or for Saylor, and when shit hit the fan he crumples. That’s his only fault though – I adore the way he is with Saylor and her daughter Lucy. Travis genuinely loves them and takes good care of them. That just melted my heart. I was also hoping for a little more romance and less business between them. Especially at the end, the reasons they got together were like a business transaction – I understand that is the intent of the author though – Saylor and Travis are different and their relationship is anything but conventional. Still it does not change the fact that I am a hopeless romantic so I was hoping for more romance, heart and flowers from them. Honestly though, Grand Slam was a great read – the plot is full of drama which will keep you on your toes and suck you in.
Well written – sexy, sweet, low on sport talk and angst which is fine by me 🙂
4.5 Stars!!!


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