Review: Wicked Favor by Sawyer Bennett.

Wicked Favor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Whoa! Holy hotness! This is probably one of my favorite of the wicked series. Jerico is an ex-military, total alpha, sex god — Wicked Horse’s club owner. Trista is the sister of Jerico’s enemy. Trista is gorgeous, sweet and innocent. When Trista came into the club to ask Jerico for help – he jumped at the opportunity to help her with the intent to cash in on his own revenge. But after Trista started working at the Wicked Horse and falls into Jerico’s BDSM world of sex and pleasure, Jerico finds himself wanting Trista for himself. Jerico has a secret though of the real reason he is helping Trista so what happens when she finds out she was a pawn?
I have read all of Sawyer’s books in this Wicked Series and as expected this book is super sizzling sexy and intense. The chemistry between Jerico and Trista is evident from the beginning. The plot is a bit suspenseful thanks to Trista and her connection to her deadbeat brother. Over all, a short, entertaining read. Erotic genre so expect a lot of wild sex, dirty talk, descriptive world of BDSM leaving nothing off the table, and a nice twist in the plot. Enjoy!





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