Review: Camouflage by Kate Stewart

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Holy Shit! Fasten your seatbelt folks because you will be taking on one dirty and filthy ride. I am a fan of Kate and have read many books of different genres – I love them all but I am totally addicted to this erotic / suspense romance series beginning with Excess.

If you read Excess you met Taylor there. She was the assistant turned business partner to Nina. Taylor grew up in an ugly environment with an abusive alcoholic mother and a father who did not have any interest in her or her younger sister. Taylor fought her way out of that hell hole and then became a successful business woman. She has a bitchy bossy attitude which no one dares to mess with. What Taylor wants Taylor gets. Well, I guess not always when it comes to the sexy alpha Daniello, a man she met at a private sex club she frequents. Daniello is a total mystery. Besides the time Daniello fucks Taylor’s brains out, Daniello does not reveal much about himself. He comes and goes as he pleases (including breaking and entering) and he does not answer to anyone. The relationship between Taylor and Daniello is all physical and filled with filthy, dysfunctional, violent sex. There are no feelings or love and they are both satisfied with this arrangement. Both Daniello and Taylor have a deep secret past they hide well from each other. What is Taylor running from and who is Daniello and how dangerous is he? That remains to be seen. You have to read book 2 Crosshairs to discover all the answers.

I like the gritty, cat and mouse, power struggle, and twisted relationship between Taylor and Daniello. Taylor is smart, strong, independent, uninhibited, and takes what she wants. Daniello is still a huge question mark – he is all alpha, sexy, dominating, and enigmatic. Their chemistry is explosive with lust, passion and dirty eroticism.
In a nut shell, this book is freaking HOT – well written, fast paced, with a fabulous strong hero and heroine, a fantastic unpredictable plot which ends with a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to have my grabby hands on book 2 for the finale. I am anxious to see how the story unfolds with Taylor’s past coming to light, her sister back in the picture and Daniello’s real identity, and Laz?… AH!!! I’m hooked.

Crosshairs is coming June 30th.


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