Review: Hot Cop by Laurelin Paige & Sierra Simone

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Okay holy hotness, right? This book has a smoking cover and everything inside is super sexy from beginning to finish. Chase is a cop and a player – always looking for a good time with no long-term commitment. Livia is a librarian. She has been burned so many times she had sworn of men for the last 2 years. Livia has a good job, close friends but she feels that there is something missing in her life. When Chase first lay eyes on Livia he was immediately intrigued. Chase was persistent on pursuing a date with Livia which she reluctantly agreed but Livia has her own ulterior motive. Livia came to their first date with a proposal and a contract which Chase nearly had a heart attack over. But the benefit of unlimited sex outweighed any reservations … so Chase agreed to sign. Chase wants no string attract sex and Livia wants a baby to raise on her own – sounds simple? Well, nothing worked out the way they planned because the little thing call love got in the way. I adore the characters but I did not feel a strong romantic connection – Chase was portrayed as a man-whore and Livia is just too timid and shy. I guess opposite attract because the sex part is scorching hot. Over all, Hot Cop was a fun, sexy, entertaining read. There are some LOL moments. The relationship between Chase and Livia is mostly lighthearted with a tiny bit of angst and no huge drama. This book is well-written by both authors, nice pace, cute plot, super steamy, easy read.



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