Review: Sex Symbol by Laurelin Paige


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Whoa! Sex symbol was a surprised release and it was fantastic. Hollywood leading man meet sexy camera assistant. Micah and Maddie met at a party years before Micah became a super star. They were instantly attracted to each other – that night they shared one hot encounter but it was just one way. Maddie intended on returning the favor soon but Micah never called. It was like he disappeared into thin air except he was not. Maddie has to see his face all over tabloid magazines hanging on to different women. Maddie never thought she would see Micah up close and personal ever again until she received an assignment which landed her on the set of Micah’s latest movie. A romance 😉 What happened when the two come face to face for the first time after seven years? Will Micah remember Maddie or does he pretend to forget?

This book is seriously hot. Micah is sexy, successful and charming. He was young and made a dumb mistake of letting Maddie go years ago. Maddie is beautiful, sweet, and career driven. You cannot deny the sexual chemistry they once had and is still have for each other. However, their relationship is a passionate slow burn this time around because Maddie has a hard time trusting Micah with her heart. I like the fun banters between the two characters except I was hoping for little more angsts, and a little more groveling on Micah part. Over all, Sex symbol was an entertaining read. I love second chance romance so it’s a no brainer to pick up this one – sweet, sexy, fairy tale ending. I devoured in one sitting.





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