Review: The Catch by K. Bromberg

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“He kisses me with a clear mind and a full heart.”

WOW! WOW! WOW! This was a gorgeous ending to a beautiful romance. This is the second book of The Player series so you have to read the Player first. But OMG! This book … all the FEELS. I was a blubbery mess at the end but I so LOVE IT! The Catch picked up after Easton found out he had been traded to an unknown team after spending all of his long career with the Aces.

“I love the parts of you no one else knew how to love just as you do me.”

Easton was not medically cleared by his physical therapist / the woman he loves Scout. Naturally Easton felt betrayed and heartbroken as to why Scout made that decision when both Scout and Easton himself knows he was ready. But why did she do it? The reasons are more complicated than what Easton believes in his mind. I have to admit I was frustrated with Easton and his stubbornness. It seems that when there is problem he shuts out everyone including Scout who holds all the answers as to why he was no longer with the Aces. Easton could not rein in his anger so he said some harsh words to Scout which she did not deserve. Easton’s troubles did not end when he left – I really feel bad for Easton – he just could not get a break. Easton has a hard time accepting his injuries and the possibility that he can no longer play ball. This book focuses on the roller coaster of Easton’s career as well as his personal life all a while Scout was standing by his side supporting the man she was falling in love with. I adore Scout for her patience, kindness and unconditional love she has for Easton.

“There are no conditions to my love for you … I want you. All of you. Your flaws. Your mistakes. Your achievements. Your shortcomings. Your love.”

The second part of the book though, Easton totally redeemed himself. Easton has been keeping a huge secret not even his family or his agent knows. I love that the author chooses to discuss a devastating problem that many people deal with. I was in tears reading Easton’s confession. A stubborn moody hero no longer – Easton became this brave, sweet, caring, swoony hero, albeit a bit broken. I understand Easton was dealt sh*t cards with an alcoholic mother, an absent father and no one understands or cares enough for Easton to share his trouble – it’s really sad. Then the author throws in a curve ball about Easton’s dad – I suspect there is some dirty secret going on with Cal but I did not see THAT coming at all.

Scout’s life isn’t all that rosy either with her father the only living relative she has about to leave this earth but Scout always see the world through rosy glasses. She embraces life as it comes and that’s what Easton loves about her. I mean this story really pulled at all my heartstrings. What I thought as a hot sexy sport romance turned into quite a serious, heartwarming and moving story of family, strength, loyalty, and unconditional love. The Catch is an absolute perfect ending to a sexy, romantic and emotional love story. This duet got all the feels – I laughed and cried. My heart breaks and became whole again. There are sweet, sexy, funny, cute and light-hearted moments that make me swoon and smile. The epilogue is lovely – Easton and Scout’s life comes full circle and they found their HEA. Total Bliss!!! K. Bromberg delivered a HOME RUN … AGAIN! A MUST READ sport romance!









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