Review: Hello Forever by Sarina Bowen

Hello Forever C

Hello Forever (Hello Goodbye # 2) by Sarina Bowen ~ 4.5 Stars

Whoa! I don’t know about you but I am loving the M/M romance and especially written by Sarina Bowen. Another fantastic second chance romance.

Axel and Caxton have known each other since childhood. They were best of friends but their relationship took a romantic turn at a church camp one summer. They were caught. Axel’s mom was supportive of his choice. Cax’s father – not so much. Cax disappeared the same day and they never saw each other again.

Six years later, Axel saw Cax in the audience at the college basketball game, the same school that Axel contemplated accepting a new job. The decision came easy for Axel – he has to see the boy he fell in love with years ago.

I adore Axel and Cax and their sweet romance. Even with so many years apart they still have deep feelings for each other and it’s something fierce. Cax’s life is still complicated. He badly wants to accept who he is and for once follow his heart and be happy. But there is so much at stake if he makes a wrong choice. From outside looking in I can see that Cax is somewhat hiding his true self but unless you walk in that person’s shoes you really cannot judge. Yes, Cax is a grown up and independent but he has three young brothers that depend on him. They are more important to him than his own happiness and I admire him for that. I adore Axel – he is super sweet, caring, patient and very protective of Cax. The two of them together are really beautiful and endearing. Their relationship has ups and down, little stolen moments, and a lot of time spent apart but when together they are explosive HOT, HOT, HOT. I also love the secondary characters – Caleb and Josh are going strong. Amy, the mother hen is caring and protective of the boys. She deserves a man who loves her (for real ). Jason – oh dear I see something big going down with the neighbor and I am very intrigued. I would love to hear more about him. I don’t care for the father character so much – pig headed, narrow minded and what he did was overkill. I could do away with that little drama. The rest – LOVED IT – the banters, the texts, the sex scenes, and the blissful ending.

Over all, this was a heartwarming story of family, friendship, perseverance, acceptance and love. Beautiful, sexy, romantic second chance at love. M/M romance – so fine!


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