Review: Jilted by Sawyer Bennett


Jilted by Sawyer Bennett (Love Hurts #2) by Sawyer Bennett ~ 4.5 Stars

GAH! Just finished another sweet and romantic novel from Sawyer Bennett. This is one of those authors that I rely on whenever I want a dose of cute, light-hearted, sexy romance and she BRINGS IT every single time.

This one is a second chance romance – Hollywood leading lady reunited with her childhood love — a boy she left behind. Eden and Coop were young lovers but when Eden got offered a modeling job she could not turn it down. A few days of shoots turned into months away and eventually Eden had to make a choice to come home or follow her career – she chose the latter.

Eden has successful career but she was not lucky in love as she was publicly humiliated by her cheating fiancé. Eden decided to come home for a quiet retreat but her life is about to get even more complicated when she comes face to face with a gorgeous, sexy, all grown up Coop… fanning self … Seriously, Coop is a total package – young, sexy, sweet, caring, and supportive … Their break up was mutual but Coop never fell out of love with Eden. Even with the misunderstanding and the town hating on Eden, Coop was always protective and stood by Eden’s side – totally swoony, right? I like Eden – I know it sounds like she left Coop behind but it wasn’t as simple. Long distance relationships are hard for young lovers so something has to give. When Eden chooses a career over Coop it was the hardest decision she had to make. For years, Coop has always been in her heart. Now that the two reunited, how would Eden and Coop deal with balancing careers and their relationship? Coop and Eden have different lives, aren’t they back to square one?

I really fell in love with Coop and Eden’s love story. When I heard that Jilted is a story about a movie star I was skeptical but their story felt real and genuine. The chemistry and passion they share is undeniable and ignites rather quickly once they see each other again. Eden is a bit misunderstood but she really is beautiful inside and out. I love that Eden is a super star but she never forgets her roots. I am a sucker for second chance romance and Jilted was perfect – sweet, swoony, great banters, plenty of angst, passion and sexual tension. Of course, I love the happy ending – I live for it!!!
Highly recommend this book – quite an enjoyable and entertaining weekend read.


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