Review: STUBBORN AS A MULE by Juliette Poe

Stubborn Cover


Whoa! This is the second book I read of author Juliette Poe and I absolutely love this sweet, romantic, and swoony side of Sawyer. I was intrigued by Lowe and Melinda in Ain’t He Precious. Lowe is something else when he paints Melinda’s new house pink. OMG! I was dying from laughing so hard. The Mainer House has been in Lowe’s family for a long time but they could no longer maintain it so his family decided to put it up for sale. Lowe was furious about it, especially because the new owner is the hoity toity Yankee from NY who intends to remodel and sell it. After Lowe shows up sporting a scowl on his handsome face, a shotgun and two much more attractive guns (LOL his muscular arms) to meet the sassy New Yorker, things did not end well. They both end up in the court room and the judges’ sentence was for Lowe to help Melinda fix up her house. Oh Lord! The irony, right? Working with the enemy … but oh, SO GOOD!!!

I love this type of romance – slow burn, enemy to lover romance set in the small charming town of Whynot. The small town comes with lots of gossip and crazy people always all up in your business – for this reason the author’s written several chapters in other secondary characters’ POV. This story is packed with hilarious banters, fun and sweet romance. Let’s not forget this is Sawyer Bennett after all so the sex is absolutely delicious. Lowe starts out grumpy and hardheaded but as soon as he knocks on Melinda’s door and sees Melinda with bedhead and the twins out to play he was done for. After that Lowe is quite a swoony and alpha hero but Lowe also has a sweet and adorable side – I loved it. Melinda is beautiful, well to do, misunderstood, but she is super sweet and caring. Their relationship is a perfect kind of opposites attract. It doesn’t seem like they have anything in common given their polar opposite upbringing, but the chemistry is undeniable and all the angst turns inferno. Such a charming, funny and sweet romance. Devoured in one sitting. Highly recommended summer read!!!



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Stubborn as a Mule

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