Review: Kiss My Boots by Harper Sloan

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Kiss My Boots is a standalone second chance romance, but I’d read Lost Rider first to get a background story. Lost Rider is awesome anyways so it would not be a hardship. The heroine Quinn is Leigh’s bestie in Lost Rider. I was intrigued by her sassy, funny, and fierce personality so I am glad Quinn has her own story.

Quinn and Tate grew up together, friends turned young lovers. The summer before Tate went away for college their relationship turned serious. They shared one unforgettable summer together with promises for the future and happily ever after. However, after Tate took off for college he suddenly cut all ties with the girl he left behind. Quinn was confused and hurt. She tried to contact Tate but with no luck. Eventually, Quinn had to move on with her life but Tate was never far away from her heart. Nearly a decade later, Quinn heard that Tate was moving back home to be the town’s only gynecologist – she was less than thrilled. Quinn does not want anything to do with Tate, let alone scoping out her private parts (That ship had sailed). Tate has other ideas though – he is determined to win back the love of his life but it won’t be easy. Tate has a lot of explaining and groveling to do.

I really enjoyed this light-hearted sweet love story. Tate is a nice guy – just got blackmailed back then but he was young and naïve, so ultimately he did not make the best choices. Tate is all grown up now, a hot doctor, successful and ready to settle down. He just needs to convince Quinn that he is here to stay. I adore Quinn. She is strong, a badass sassy tomboy who loves fast cars. I like that there is no faking or pretense with her. She sort of wears her heart on her sleeve. Quinn was skeptical and is afraid of getting hurt by Tate but she has no problem letting him know her true feelings. I like that their relationship seems honest, genuine and real. I also like how Quinn and Tate’s relationship developed. They are so cute together – dating and taking things slower this time. The story flows at a steady pace with little drama – I feel the lack of angst there but that’s because Quinn and Tate are open with each other so you are not getting the silent treatment or the chase. Over all, Kiss My Boots was a sweet, sexy, second-chance love story with a high dose of hilarious banters and swoony romance. Light, easy summer read.


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