Review: Wicked Grind by J. Kenner

Wicked Grind

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is another wonderful second chance romance – young lovers reunited after a decade. Wyatt and Kelsey met one summer before Wyatt went off to photography school. Wyatt is hot, talented, and came from a well to do family. Wyatt is not short of girls hanging on to his every word but he only has eyes for Kelsey – a young, shy, beautiful dancer. I have to be honest I didn’t feel the heroine. Kelsey’s father is strict but it just seems that she is too shy and always running away from Wyatt. At times I feel she was playing hard to get. Wyatt was persistent and eventually they shared one sexy night but immediately afterward Kelsey disappeared before the sheets cooled. A decade later, Kelsey walks into an audition for a job and to her surprise finds a much older, handsome Wyatt who happens to be the photographer. Wyatt is still hurt and Kelsey had some explaining to do. Can Wyatt forgive Kelsey for breaking his heart? Can they rekindle the short-lived romance?

Wicked grind started out really strong. I was very intrigued by the unique plot but I guessed rather quickly the reasons Kelsey ran many years ago, so the anticipation was gone – my fault . I enjoyed the slow burn, the angst, the chemistry, and the passion they shared. I love the hero. He is talented, a celebrity but he is grounded, genuine, and a nice guy. He has the patience of a saint pinning after Kelsey. Kelsey has some issues that make it difficult to go after her dreams. I do admire her though for the way she takes care of her brother. It’s quite an endearing relationship they have for each other. I am intrigued by Griffin – I can see him as a broken hero with scars but he has a huge heart. I would love a story on Griffin. I think the book is well-written, good flow. Sweet, sexy, light-hearted second chance love.



Wicked Grind T

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