Review: The Difference Between Us by Rachel Higginson.



5 Stars

Squeeezzz!!!! If you love a good romance and food, this book is definitely for you.  OMG! I love to eat and the amount of food talks in here is like orgasm in itself – make me all salivating and craving for more.  I want to crawl into the book and taste some of those delicious, refined food; and if I happen to taste a little bit of that handsome man Ezra I wouldn’t complain one bit J

“Our story was a complex piece of art that we worked on every day.  It wasn’t always beautiful in the traditional sense, but it was captivating, and worthy and endless.”

This is a standalone, second book of the Opposites Attract series.  We met Molly and Ezra in the first book.  Molly has a successful career as a graphic designer by day and artist (hobby) by night.  Unfortunately, she is not so lucky in love having been though series of bad dates.  The last proper kiss she had was back in high school and all the guys that followed are less than subpar.  Molly is giving up on love.  So she thought … but then Ezra waltzed in Molly’s life – playing nice with helping Molly throw Vera’ engagement party.  Then he demands to hire her to help with redesigning his restaurant websites and also boost his social media accounts.  The first-time Molly met Ezra, she was not impressed by his rudeness, offensive, and arrogant attitude that fit for an old man.  Naturally, the last thing Molly wants is to be anywhere close proximity to Ezra, let alone working for him.  Oh man! I am surprised by this man Ezra Baptiste – he is more than what meets the eye.  The man is a genius restauranteur, businessman extraordinaire but behind all that was a boy who lost his mother at a young age, living in and out of foster care, broken but determined to rise above poverty and made a life for himself.  He is successful, cranky and sarcastic at times – but deep down he is caring, protective, thoughtful, and has a huge heart.  I absolutely love the chemistry sizzling slowly between these two – just a little bit of angst but more lighthearted, fun, flirty enemies turn lovers.

“I tried to save you from this, Molly.  I’m tired of failing.”

This book is all hearts guys!  A fun, sweet, swoony, and passionate romance – check; but it is also about loyalty and friendship.  One of the highlight of this book is that we get so many updates on Vera and Killian – you get to know them well from this book and they are one adorable couple.  I highly recommend you read The Opposite of You to get their whole romance.  The other secondary characters are quite endearing too – I would love a story on Wyatt and Vann.  I am a big fan of Rachel – she is a brilliant storyteller and her writing is flawless.  These beautiful love stories always make me laugh, swoon, and deliriously happy – melted my heart EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Awesome summer read!

“You are unexpected and lovely, and something that very much feels like salvation.



The Opposite of You-

The Difference Between Us-



Difference T

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