Review: Star Struck by Laurelin Paige

Star Struck


4 Stars

Here is a scoop – Heather is a Hollywood star – beautiful, sassy, a total diva with a chip on her shoulder.  Heather’s up-bringing saddened by an abusive father and an alcoholic mother.  Seth is a production designer – sexy, alpha, and is really good with his tools J LOL.  Some might mistake him as a carpenter, namely Heather.  The diva actress does not want anything to do with the helper on set and that’s just fine with Seth.  He likes to keep his identity a secret.  Heather and Seth could not be more opposite but for some reason they cannot resist the flirty and the attraction for each other.  What will happen though when Heather finds out the real Seth and that he has been lying about his identity all along?

To be honest, Hollywood star romance isn’t my favorite because most of the time I cannot relate to the characters.  At the beginning Heather seems too much of a cold-hearted diva and despites her abusive past I could not relate to the reasons she shies away from dating “commoners” nor can I understand her bedroom habits and preferences in reference to making her a bad wh*re.  As her story progress, I do admire Heather’s determination to rise above poverty and making a better life for herself.  I realized that Heather put on a huge wall but deep down she is a good person – she just wants to protect herself from getting hurt.  By the end, I understand Heather better – she is just like any one of us – looking to belong, to be understood, and to be loved.

Now, I love Seth – he is totally down to earth despite all his success.  He is sweet, sexy, funny and the way he went all alpha crazy on Heather’s father was swoony.  Seth is also guilty of omitting information from Heather.  He let Heather assumed his real identity because he wants to know if their feelings for each other are real and sincere.  I enjoy the sizzling, slow burn, passionate, opposite attracts, enemies to lovers relationship between Heather and Seth – it’s Laurelin Paige’s forte, she can transform the characters and the story in a way that suck you in and capture your attention until the end. Over all, Star Struck has a nice balance of humor, fun, sweet and steamy romance.  Great banters, little drama which is perfect for me.  Sometimes, I just want something fun, light, romantic, and this did it for me.



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