Review: Wicked Wish by Sawyer Bennett

Wicked wish



WHOA! This book is quite possibly my favorite of the Wicked Horse series. Sexy, romantic, heartfelt.

Jorie thought she had it all – happily married to her long-time sweetheart for nearly a decade, until one day he kicked her out claiming she was a bad lay. Jorie was broken hearted and she moved in with her friend in Vegas. One night, Jorie and her friend found themselves at the Wicked Horse, a prestigious sex club. It did not take long for Jorie to find herself in the same playroom with a scorching hot hotel owner, Walsh. The two strangers shared one erotic and passionate sexual encounter but it turned out they were not strangers at all. It just has been a long time since Walsh laid eyes on the sweet sister of his best-friend. Things are about to get messy and complicated.

I have to say Sawyer Bennett never disappoints. I have been a long-time fan and I feel like every time I pick up one of her books I can count on a good storyline and some scorching sexy times. Erotic, steamy, sexy – you can count on it! But Sawyer is a such a versatile writer – she always accompanies a steamy story with a great storyline. I love the forbidden romance. Jorie and Walsh have known each other for quite sometime. Jorie looked up to Walsh like her knight in shining armor — crushing and pinning for him since her teenage years. Walsh was always protective of Jorie – his best friend’s sister, but his feelings for Jorie weren’t all sisterly love. Walsh knows Jorie is off limits. With his wild lifestyle associated with the Wicked Horse and the noncommittal relationship outlook, Walsh knows his friend Micah would never approve of their relationship. Jorie is no longer an innocent girl – she is all grown up, beautiful, sexy and she is hell bent on exploring her sexuality. The only person she wants to do that with is Walsh. Lines were crossed – there is no going back. I enjoyed the push and pull, the angst, and of course the erotic passionate scenes. I enjoyed the little drama that made my heart jump a little but it was just enough to not take away from the love story. I love Walsh – alpha hero, protector, and truly a knight. I adore Jorie as well – it was not her fault she was full of self-doubt but it did not take her long to pick herself up and find herself again. Over all, this book is well-written. A beautiful romance! This author is a one-click for me, always!



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