Review: Cocky Client by Whitney G

Cocky Client


Oh well! Cocky Client was short but so freaking delicious I don’t want it to end. So you got a cocky rich client who got fire from every PR companies on earth. He is desperate to retain another company to clean up his man-whore image among other things. What’s the man to do? He sent 3 million dollars anonymously to a small PR company in advance hoping to retain them. Well, turns out the owner is someone he was well acquaintance with in the bedroom, only less 24 hours ago. Oops!!! Cocky client thinks he is paying a hefty amount of money so he can present a huge list of demands … Not so fast bud! Just because the owner was enamored with his d*ck, doesn’t mean he can waggles it in her firm… this badass publicist will hand his ass to him before he could unzip his trouser.

I love everything about this book. I know it’s a novella and it’s short, but it is straight to the point, cute, steamy, fun, and hot as hell. The hero is arrogant but in an attractive sexy adorable way. The heroine is feisty – it makes for some awesome banters. I honestly love all the short stories from this collection. Steamy, flirty, amazing chemistry, flawless writing that will you salivating for more!!! Totally addicting – give me more please!


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