Review: Most Valuable Playboy by Lauren Blakely.

Most Valuable


WOHOOO!!! Another TOUCHDOWN!!! Lauren does not disappoint.  Most Valuable Playboy is yet another sweet, swoon-worthy, panty dropping sexy, friends-to-lovers romance.  Cooper is a star quarterback, handsome, successful and sexy – a natural chick magnet.  But he is determined to keep his pants zipped this season to focus solely on his game.  Cooper is about to be action off for charity.  One particular cougar, the team owner’s sister is thirsty to dig in her claws but Cooper is not interested.  Here comes Violet to the rescue – Cooper and Violet have been friends since childhood.  She knows Cooper is avoiding the team owner’s sister so she gives the highest bid to win Cooper’s date.  One scorching hot kiss on stage later, Cooper and Violet are both dazed and confused about their new-found sizzling “more-than-friendship” chemistry for each other.  The problem is Violet is Cooper’s best friend’s sister and she is supposed to be off limits.  Cooper is in the middle of negotiating a contract so his agent thinks he should keep up the charade a little longer with Violet playing his fake girlfriend.  No biggie right? They are after all best friends… can pull it off? Or not? Can you smell the trouble here?

“I plan on loving you for my whole damn life.  I don’t need to mess around with stages and steps and taking things in some kind of orderly fashion.  You’re an eighty-yard pass, and I want to get into the end zone with you.”

I really love Cooper.  He is not a typical playboy at all but rather a charming, fun, confident guy that is really good at playing football and wooing women :).  When it comes to Violet though he is head over heels, sweet and tender.  He is insanely attracted to Violet but is keeping it cool out of respect for his best friend.  I enjoyed the football love references and the entertaining comradery with all the boys. I also adore Violet – she is smart, independent, sexy, sassy but also has a kind sweet girl next door quality.  She would do anything for a friend, even playing a fake girlfriend to her handsome long time crush.  I like the slow burn, push and pull relationship build up – small amount of angst but mostly cute, light-hearted and endearing.

This story is quite a page turner for me.  I was giggling and swooning, and feeling of all kinds of happy and gooey inside when I finished.  Lauren’s book never gets old, period!  I marvel that the way she can write such fun, loving romance stories, and I would eat it up every single time.  Most valuable is another winner for me.  If you are looking for a little entertaining, light, sexy, swoony, romantic read this is the one for you.

“I’m crazy fucking in love with her.  Like, to-the-moon-and-back shit.  Like the rest of my life, no one else, she’s the one.  The sun and all the stars in the sky.”


Most valuable T2



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