Review: Dear Bridget, I want you by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward.

Bridger Cover

5 Stars

“The greatest risk is not taking one.”

 HOLY sh*t!!!!! Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward DELIVERED AGAIN!!!  This book was a huge surprise for me.  When I read the blurb, I thought the storyline was going to be a cute, fun, lighthearted read.  Good God, there is so much more.  Yes, Dear Bridget has lighthearted, hilarious, ridiculously funny bantersIt’s sexy but there are way more feels, hearts and a big twist I did not expect at all.  What a FANTASTIC love story.  Let’s be honest, I crave all things Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward and that will never change.  Their writing is exceptionally good – seamlessly fluid, and brilliantly executed.  There’s no question how outstanding these two authors are on collaborating and writing the most heart-warming romance.  MAJOR BOOK HANGOVER NOW!

Simon is a doctor finishing up his residency and planning to return to the UK when he graduates.  Bridget lost her husband in a car accident leaving behind a son, Brendan.  Bridget is a nurse who works many hours to provide for her son and has no time for dating or a relationship.  The first time they met was hilarious – I won’t say why — it will ruin all the fun.  Then, surprise! Three months later, Simon ends up being Bridget’s new roommate.  Neither one expected to see each other again let alone live in one house.

“Yes, I want you more than anything that I’ve ever wanted in my life.  Honestly, it scares me how much I’m attracted to you.”

I so “flow” Simon – he is goofy, ridiculous and insane the way he acts.  Simon seems to not take anything seriously but don’t let him fool you because Simon is a full package – handsome, smart, sweet, caring, swoony – a perfect book boyfriend.  Simon is protective and has a big heart – the way he is with Brendan melted my heart.  By the time, he spoke privately with Brendan – I was slayed. Done.  Gone.  Crying my eyes out.  Simon is my new hero.  Simon’s life is not all that rosy.  He lost someone too and that is one of the reasons he left England.  This hurts him deeply and he has yet to recover and heal from that tragic past.

“You’ve dedicated so much of your life to his memory.  But It’s time.  You can’t write a new story for your life when you won’t let new characters in.”

I also adore Bridget.  She is a strong heroine and a young widower who dedicated her life taking care of her son.  She has not opened her heart to anyone until she met Simon.  He brings sunshine back into her life.  The attraction between Simon and Bridget is undeniable.  The author did such an awesome job with the brewing tension and the slow burn.  LOVED IT!  Simon and Bridget were good company to each other but it is hard to ignore the sizzling attraction they have for each other. Eventually their feelings become a lot deeper than just lust and sexual chemistry.  Knowing that Simon will be moving back to England, Bridget cannot afford to fall in love with him especially when Brendan also adores and looks up to him.  Falling in love would be foolish and only break their hearts in the end.

“Pop. I like that.  Pop for my father here and Dad for my daddy in Heaven.”

There is a HUGE twist you guys.  A big surprise that knocked me on my a**. By 70% of the book I thought it was going to be smooth sailing but boy I was wrong.  Sometimes you think you know someone but you really don’t.  I did not see that coming at all and it was brilliant!

This book is an absolute must read – one of my very favorites this year.  The hero and heroine, ALL THE FEELS, the heartfelt romance, the writing – all is fantastic.  I devoured in one sitting.

“You can’t choose love.  It chooses you.”

 Bridget T1



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