Review: Dirty Little Secret (Forbidden Desires #1) by Kendall Ryan

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4.5 Stars

OMG! I should have read the blurb a little more carefully… AH!!! This is book 1 of 2 of the Forbidden Desires so it ends in a cliffhanger.  The good news is Dirty Little Promise is coming soon (October 9th) so thank goodness I don’t have to wait long.  But still, this book is TOO freaking GOOD to end like this – AHHHH! I need book 2 ASAP 🙂

So, dirty secrets, desires and forbidden? SOLD! Lol, I am addicted to this kind of antsy romance and let me say this book totally lives up to its title.  Emma just escaped an abusive relationship and is now living a quiet life, working in a library and dreaming about her book heroes.  That does not make her a prude though… Emma is curious.  She craves passion and is eager to explore her needs and desires.  When Emma meets a couple of brothers who run a high-end escort business, she is intrigued.  Emma goes in for an interview – she is hired on the spot, except her job is only to accompany Cooper and Gavin to events.  Cooper and Gavin cannot be more opposite.  Cooper is handsome, sweet and the kind of guy who can offer Emma the moon.  He is a safe choice but that is not what Emma needs.  Cooper does not get Emma’s heart racing like Gavin.  Gavin is mysterious, brooding, sexy, and infuriating.  I get so frustrated with Gavin and his push and pull cat/mouse game.  Gavin wants Emma for his own but he has a hard time committing and staking claim on her.  Somehow, I think Gavin does not think he deserves to be happy.  Gavin has some competition though – his handsome brother Cooper is secretly in love with Emma. Out of respect for Gavin, Cooper has not pursued her completely.  At the end of this book Gavin finally gives in to his feelings for Emma but then she finds out a huge disturbing secret he has been keeping.  What is it and how will this change their relationship? We have to wait for book two.

I enjoyed the intense romance, the angst, and the suspense.  There is plenty of desire and passion but the sex part between Gavin and Emma is not completely erotic of an alpha/sub relationship.  Gavin fits the bill since he speaks of dominating and owning Emma, but I think he is going easy on her … not sure if it is because she seems innocent or he already knows something about her past relationships.

I like the premise of this book – unconventional, compelling, mysterious.  A sweet librarian and a powerful / handsome man who runs an escort business, their sexy and passionate romance.  The hero and heroine have their own secrets and tragic past.  They are flawed, broken, and human.  I am excited to find out Gavin’s dark secret and how their relationship will evolve but I feel a little suspense, drama and action to come.


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