Review: Show Me the Way (Fight for Me #1) by A.L. Jackson

Show Me the way


5 emotional stars!!!

“My spirit roared.

A thunder of grief and torrent of love. 

I want to sing it.  Sing it for him.  For this man who’d lost so much and deserved every good thing the world had to give…”


Show me the way T3


 Holly Molly!!! A.L. Jackson had me at the prologue.  What’s an introduction!  I was immediately intrigued by the heroine’s circumstances and what was the secret that makes her decide to hightail it out of town.  She stays out of Alabama for over a decade until her grandmother passes away.  The two main characters in this book are a bit flawed, broken, and hurt from the people they trust the most.  Rynna is gorgeous, sweet and caring.  She grew up with her grandmother.  They were close knit so why did she run away? and why did she decide to move back for good? This secret will reveal itself as the story unfolds.  Rex is a single dad who lives next door to Rynna’s grandmother with his daughter.  Rex is all brooding, cold and straight up rude but he too has a painful past that makes him shy away from attaching to people, least of all the beautiful, tempting new neighbor.  That does not mean Rex can ignore the sizzling chemistry, the heat, and the attraction between them though.  Rex is fascinated by his new neighbor but he does not want to take a chance and is afraid of getting hurt.  He carries a chip on his shoulder and until he can forgive himself he will think he does not deserve happiness.  Rynna is persistent though; she is determined to break down his walls piece by piece.  It won’t be an easy task –  there are plenty of ups and downs and twisty turns.  I love that their story is an emotional, intense, angsty one.  I am a sucker for this kind of romance because it makes the ending much more satisfying.

“There was no question we’d both been hurt.  Beaten down and broken in life’s own cruel ways.  I wanted to reach out and discover his wounds.  Maybe let him discover mine.”

Show me the way is a fantastic romance and more.  It’s a second chance for both Rynna and Rex –  a touching, heartwarming, emotional journey to find love and happiness.  After all the heartache and betrayal, they both deserve it.  As I said in the past, I love stories with little people, whether a single mom or a single dad.  Rex’s little princess Frankie is absolutely adorable.  I love the way she interacts with Rynna and Rex – sweet, cute, lighthearted, fun — put a smile on my face.  Also, let’s not forget the fantastic, sexy, swoony, panty dropping, delicious love making and the slow burn romance between Rex and Rynna.  Loved every minute of this story!!!!

“And you … you make me feel like I’ve finally found my reality.  Like I finally figured out exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

 Any fans of A.L. Jackson know that her writing is nothing short of spectacular – it’s poetic, lyrical, and breathtaking really.  She has a way of storytelling that is all consuming, addicting, and unputdownable.  Show Me the Way is an outstanding beginning to The Fight for Me series!  Cannot wait for more to come …


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Show me the way T1




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