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This book deserved all the stars …


Unloved T2


“Who told you that you had to stay unloved?”

Holy cracker!!! What the heck did I just read??? There is no way I am going to spoil this book for you because trust me you will be knocked on your a** right about 70% through the book.  You have to read it and experience it for yourself.  Just when I thought I was at the end of the tunnel, my HEA is within grasp … WRONG.  I am pretty sure my heart stopped a beat from the shock of how Cassidy’s identity unfolds.  Totally mind blowing.  OMG! That was wicked mean Katy.

Cassidy and Brynn + a humongous twist + one EPIC love story.

The hero is Cassidy Porter who’s father was executed for the murder of twelve innocent girls.  Cassidy was only a little boy then.  Everywhere he goes a black cloud follows him, his innocent childhood ripped apart.  No one wants to be associated with a serial killer’s son.  Eventually Cassidy’s mother moves them to his grandfather’s cabin at the base of Katahdin mountain.  Cassidy vows to live a quiet life, off grid, and away from any human interactions fearing that history will repeat itself.

“Now I exist between heaven and hell: falling for a woman who wants to love me, while all along reminding myself that I must remain…


The heroine Brynn leads a sad life.  She lost her fiancé from an accident and never quite recovered from the grief and pain.  Two years later, Brynn accidentally finds an item belonging to her late fiancé.  She decides that it is a sign, a permission to move on with her life but first she will say her final goodbye to him atop Katahdin mountain.  I won’t tell you much of what happens on that hike because it is a big twist to the plot but I will say she gets herself in trouble.

“There are no guarantees. Only a monster would gamble someone else’s life when the possibility of a tragic outcome is so much higher than average.”

Cassidy grew up on this mountain.  As fate has it he stumbles upon Brynn’s injured body.  Despite Cassidy’s promise to never interact with humans, his conscience could not allow him to leave Brynn’s dying body behind.  So, Cassidy recues Brynn and cares for her for nearly a month while she is healing.  Cassidy becomes the nurse, the doctor, the care giver, her protector and everything in between while Brynn slowly recovers.  When Brynn finally comes to, she is intrigued by who Cassidy is and why he chooses such a secluded life.  They become friends and eventually feelings deepened.  Brynn wants so much to love Cassidy, to make him happy and to show him the world but Cassidy knows better than to get involved with a woman.  He fears he might lose control of himself and hurt her emotionally or physically.  About that twist, who is the real Cassidy?  An outcast, a son of a serial killer, a troubled young man or a gentle giant?  He is one big mystery until the end when Brynn finally discovers his secrets and the truth about his dark past.  Yes, Cassidy saved Brynn’s life and nursed her back from a near death experience but alas she saves his life.  How? You have to read and see.

I have to warn you a tiny part of the book almost made me want to vomit.  I love animals and that one part (which btw is important for the character) I could hardly stomach.  Yikes.

“Should my methylate levels change over time, the wrong gene could be turned on and I could become a serial killer. I have no way to know and no way to prevent such an outcome.” — This story spikes my curiosity on genetics.  Jesus, are all the chromosomes and how they pass on through generations true?  How do we break that pattern?  I admit some part of this book made my hair stands on end.

I love Katy’s stories and I swear this woman can write ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING and they are ALL UNIQUE.  Unloved is an epic love story between two people who are lost and broken spirits.  Their love story is not roses and sunshine – It’s beautiful but heart-wrenching, gritty, dark.  The hero is troubled and tormented but there is much more to him.  He is a quiet protector, caring and thoughtful — a gentle hero who is so different from the alpha sexy hero I usually read, it’s refreshing.  I also adore the heroine.  She has a beautiful soul.  Before meeting Cassidy, she is a shell of a person but Cassidy brings out the best in her.  Brynn is caring, giving and will put Cassidy’s happiness before her even if she has to potentially leave her life behind.  Their relationship is a perfect definition of true love – affectionate, emotional, genuine and unconditional.  Please stock up on tissues – you will need it!!!!

“I love her.

I will love her until the sky falls.

Until the sun and the moon fail to rise.

Until Katahdin crumbles.

I will love her forever.”

Whether you are a fan of Katy or not, her remarkable books speak for themselves.  Every single one of them is unique and graced with gorgeous writing and an outstanding storyline that will leave a mark long before the last page. That my friend is true talent!!!

“You are, and will forever be, my life’s greatest treasure, and I will be loving you on the day I die, Brynn Cadogan.”


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