Review: CUFFED by K. Bromberg




 “Living safely is dangerous.”

Okay guys.  Ms. K. Bromberg strikes again with this beautiful, heartfelt, romantic love story.  If you are a sucker for second chance romance, this book is everything you need… Actually, it can be best friends to lovers romance as well.  Grant and Emmy were childhood friends.  They were inseparable until mid-year through third grade.  Grant promised Emmy to keep a secret but he broke their pinky promise.  Emmy left town abruptly… her departing words were: “I hate you.  I never want to see you again.”

“I want to spend a lifetime chasing moments with you.”

Twenty years later Grant is now a hottie police officer and a bit of a playboy with no intention of settling down.  Emmy has been living an adventurous life, traveling from place to place but finally moving back to town hoping to build a skydiving business.  The last person she expects to see is the boy turned man who betrayed her many years ago.  Emmy carries a lot of resentment and anger towards Grant but he is persistent and determined to break down her walls.  Cuffed is a love story but there is so much more than what the blurb reveals.

Cuffed T1

“He thinks the ugly in me is beautiful.”

Emmy was dealt a sh*t card, something a child should never have to go through – I was emotional and my heart was breaking for her (Fair warning: some very sensitive subjects).  Unfortunately, this part of Emmy’s past made her the way she is now – a broken girl who on the outside appears independent, stand-offish, cynical, hostile at times.  On the inside she is sweet, funny and vulnerable.  She built a huge wall to hide her pain and protect her heart.  Grant is exactly who Emmy needs – caring, strong, protective, swoony.  He is her true hero, her knight, her calm in the middle of a storm.  Emmy just has to realize that Grant is who she can trust and love if she can forgive his past actions.  This is easier said than done though because being around Grant provokes so many bad memories from her childhood that Emmy would have rather left deeply buried.

“We forget the memories and just chase the moments.”

I really like the chemistry between Grant and Emmy.  They were best friends at one point and even two decades later you can still feel the deep connections and love they have for each other.  I love the second cast of characters – the three musketeer’s brothers and Desi who is a riot. I love that this story has a mixture of sweet, lighthearted, hilarious, and sexy moments, but is also a very moving story of second chance at love and happiness.  I thought Cuffed was well balanced – romance with an intriguing unique plot that kept me glued to the kindle from beginning until the end.


Cuffed T2


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Cuffed T3

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