Review: The HUNT by Monica James.

The Hunt

5 Stars

Review contains some spoilers …

I have met Monica James – she is sweet, kind, warm and she is funny as hell so guess what? Her writing style reflected that – freaking hilarious. I had a permanent smile on my face the whole time reading this book.

I was first introduced to the author through the Dixon series which I totally fell in love with. I have been anticipating The Hunt for quite some time and of course Monica does not disappoint. She delivered Hunter O’Shea and Mary “Lamb” through a funny, flirty, heartwarming and beautiful love story.

Dixon was a playboy until he met Madison who finally tamed the beast. Now they are getting hitched so they employ Hunter and Mary as the best-man and maid of honor. Slight problem – these two can’t stand being in the same breathing space with each other. Dixon is Hunter’s best-friend and was his wingman – he has now left Hunter flying solo (in the hunting department ). Hunter is portrayed as a total man-whore: cocky, crass, and bedhopping, hit it and quit it kind of guy. He is not ashamed of making it known that he is only in for a good roll in the hay and nothing more. Mary is Madison’s best friend. She is well acquainted with Hunter’s habits, she despises him, and is smart not to touch him with a ten-foot pole. Mary is Hunter’s kryptonite though – she is beautiful, feisty, and unreachable. Hunter wants what he can’t have but he will stop at nothing to attain her. So, when Mary needs to finish a redecorating project to complete her interior design degree Hunter is more than willing to offer up his office as well as his home … or mainly his bed 🙂 How long can Mary resist the irresistible, hot, charming, sweet talker Hunter?

I enjoyed the push and pull, cat and mouse chase between Hunter and Mary. Hunter has some commitment issues but he is a romantic at heart when it comes to the right person. The only thing that I did not like was the fact that he went for Kiera when he was already in hot pursuit of Mary. I don’t know why that bothered me since Hunter and Mary were not a couple but it did … maybe I just loathed Kiera and I want her hoo-ha to grow cobweb :0)

I really adore Mary. She is smart, funny, feisty and spirited. She has strong romantic feelings for Hunter but she hesitates understandably because she isn’t sure if he can change his ways for her. They both guarded their hearts well and neither expressed their true feelings, afraid of getting hurt and rejected. But in the end true love prevailed. As a couple, they are explosive – sexy, passionate, and adorable. Monica can write awesome sexual chemistry, angsty, and racy scenes. I love her writing style – playful, charming, effortless. She has an analogy for everything and it’s pretty riot. There is never a dull moment in this book – if you are not laughing your ass off about some heated banters or engulfing yourself in the romance, you are on your toes with the twisty plot involving the boss and Keira and Hunter’s business.

Overall, this was an entertaining read. Funny, sexy, light-hearted … nothing overly dramatic with the plot. Very refreshing, enjoyable, and relaxing Sunday read.

“A simple look can convey a million words they say, but this only suggests one – fight … for the one you … love.”

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