Review: Most Likely to Score by Lauren Blakely.

Mostly likely Cover


Jones and Jillian … sigh … I love these two – there is something so adorable and innocent about them. He is a football player – popular, sexy, charming. She is the team’s publicist who job is to clean up the players’ image. Jillian has a crush on Jones for a long time but she does not think Jones would be attracted to someone like her. Jones has always been with smoking hot women, a playboy of sort but he is determined to change his image for the new season. Jones surprised me though – he easy going, fun, and has a big heart. He is the star receiver with big hands … ahem and other parts – he is confident but not cocky. Jones is also secretly attractive to Jillian but he knows she is off limits. I adore Jillian as well – quirky, sweet, hardworking. The two of them are super cute together – there is a lot of innocent touches, innuendos, and flirting going around.
You really can’t go wrong with Lauren’s books – always thoroughly entertained with humor, heartwarming, sexy romance. This one is sport theme/forbidden romance – the best kind. I devoured it in one sitting.


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