Review: Prince Charming by CD Reiss



Whoa whoa whoa! How I miss this series? Prince Charming is a standalone but part of the cyber/web based series of books. I have to go back and read King of Code and Prince Roman asap.
The hero, Keaton Bridge is a deeply layered, mysterious, dangerous man who has a colorful past – a suspect and a possible asset for FBI. Cassie is a smart, driven FBI agent who is determined to prove her worth and want to be taken more serious in the men world. She see Keaton as the ultimate ticket out of the small-town job.
I love the plot – it is brilliant – a dangerous world of cyber intelligent, a mysterious hero who you will swoon over. Cassie does not do complicate and trouble. Her career is most important right now but she could not help the attraction she has toward Keaton. He is an enigma and scream trouble from the beginning. The chemistry runs deeply both ways – Keaton could not stay away from Cassie. Getting close to Cassie might possibly exposed his criminal past. A relationship will be dangerous for both but they can’t help but go down this slippery road.
This book is serious addictive. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Nothing is what it appears to be and you know better than to trust anyone. I love Keaton and Cassie together – sexy, intense, passionate and scorching hot. Over all, Prince Charming is entertaining – a page turner for sure.

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