Review: Sex, Not Love by Vi Keeland.


Sex, not love Cover 

OMG! OMG! Hands down, this is the first 6 STARS of 2018!!!!

Sex, not Love – sounds fun and light hearted enough right? Don’t let this title fool you.  I was surprised, emotional, and deeply moved by the complexity of the storyline.

The story started out with Hunter meeting Natalia at a wedding of their childhood best friends.  He was eavesdropping into Natalia’s conversation with the bride-to-be.  The girls were discussing sex while smoking a joint in the back yard.  It was lust at first sight for the hero and heroine.  The attraction between Natalia and Hunter was instant.  The chemistry they had for each other was intense.  Hunter has no problem letting Natalia know what his intentions are (not honorable) but Natalia is not the least bit interested.  Natalie – a 28 year old divorcé who has been burned bad by an ex-husband.  The ex was a lying thief, went to prison and left Natalia nothing but a mountain of debt, a teenage stepdaughter, and a jaded view on the male species.  Natalia has major trust issues and was not interested in any romantic relationship.  Needless to say she left him high and dry with her wrong contact phone number before she left town.

“You are going to be the death of me.  I just know it.”

Got to give it to Hunter – a year passes and the man is still extremely persistent.  It finally paid off – he got a deal – its’ sex, not love for two months while he was on a work assignment in Natalia’s home town.  Natalia put up a huge wall around her heart and is fighting every step of the way to not fall in love with Hunter but she fails.  When Natalia opened her heart at the end of their two-months arrangement, Hunter bolted.  I was so mad at Hunter I wanted to kill him … that is until I found out why.  There is more to Hunter than what meets the eye.  The man is gorgeous, charming and carefree but he has demons that hold him back from living life.  Why is Hunter such a commitment phobe?  The story is told in alternating past and present of Hunter’s life journey.  Boy, I was blind-sided and saddened by his childhood.  I cried buckets… I don’t think I had a tear left when the last page was turned.

What I love about this book is the captivating storyline, the complexity of the characters and each of their heartbreaking past stories.  I adore the hero and heroine – beautiful and flawed.  Natalia in my opinion is a saint – sweet, caring, beautiful inside and out.  Hunter is handsome, charming, talented.  He has a crass mouth but he has many layers.  As the story progresses, I get to see the best side of Hunter and boy did I swoon.

The second cast of characters, Anna and Derek are amazing – sweet, fun, supportive – what great friends! Even Izzy the petulant teenager surprised in the best way when she handed Hunter’s ass to him J  Don’t get me wrong, there is no shortage of hilarious moments and extremely sexy and passionate scenes.  But for me, I love the many touching messages the author conveyed.  The writing is absolutely flawless.  This story bought out all the feels you could ever want – I laughed, cried, swooned, and loved.  I break and I heal.  You guys, this book is A DREAM and the author is absolutely unstoppable.  She is a USA Best Seller for a reason!!!

What an epic love story!!!!!  MUST READ!!!!

“I prefer to live my life looking forward, not backward.  You look in the rearview mirror too often, sometimes you miss what’s right in front of you.”

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