Review: Thrive by Aly Martinez.

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Thrive is a standalone but part of the Guardian Protection series. It started with Singe, which I absolutely love by the way. The men in the Guardian Protection have one thing in common – alpha, strong, and dominant outside and inside the bedroom 🙂 🙂

Thrive is a second chance romance. The heroine Mira was young and naïve. She picked a safe choice for a husband but as it turned out he was a lying criminal who destroyed her life and shattered her dreams. She paid dearly for her mistake. Now Mira is working on putting the pieces of her life together but it will not be easy. Even in prison, her douche bag of an ex made sure that she is suffering for the rest of her life. The hero swoops in to save his childhood best friend. Lark is truly a knight in shining armor. Mira and Lark have known each other for years. Many nights Lark had been a shoulder for Mira to cry on. I like Mira but I thought she was not strong enough to choose love or leave when she realized it was a mistake, but then again, her decision was largely due to her immaturity. It was pity the two soulmates were separated for so long. But their relationship as adult is much more matured, packed with passion and heat.

I absolutely love Lark. He was sweet and caring as a teenage friend and now a protective, sexy, and beautiful hero. Poor Lark, he tried hard to move on after Mira but she already has his whole heart. Can Lark forgive Mira’s past mistakes and open his heart for a second at love? I really enjoyed the storyline – it’s different and unique from what I’ve read of this author in the past – a bit of mystery, action, angst, and a whole lot of sexiness. I thought the pace slowed down a bit the last fourth of the book but overall Thrive was well written with a compelling plot and deeply developed characters. Definitely captivating and entertaining read.

There are 5 books in this series and I can’t wait for the next alpha hero!!!!


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