Review: Ryan’s Bed by Tijan



First time I read Tijan and HOLY WOW!!! To be honest, I am not much of a young adult romance reader but this book is not what I expected. This is not a spoiler (on the blurb) – A young teen’s twin sister killed herself and the story describes her journey to grief, healing and acceptance. Mac moved to a new town ready to start her life but tragedy strikes, forever changed her life. Mac ended up in Ryan’s bed by accident but instead of leaving, she stayed. Ryan became her sanctuary. She needed him but perhaps they needed each other. In the end, it was faith that these two lost souls found each other. Yes, these are high school kids so there is drama and growing pains but there is also love, romance and heart. I guess I am lucky to meet the author though Ryan’s Bed because Tijan said at the end that this is the story that “changed” her as a person and I can totally see why.

When I first read the blurb I already knew I was in for a ride. I was mesmerized by the emotional storyline. I had knots in my stomach throughout and by the end I was bawling. I was shocked -I could not even believe what I was reading those last few sentences. Did not see that coming at all!!! Ryan’s Bed is no ordinary story – its dark, gripping, and heartbreakingly beautiful. It deals with very difficult life issue and makes you think about your own life and the people you love. Be grateful for your health, you family and hug them a little tighter at night. MUST READ!!!

4.5 poignant stars!!!


RyanBed T1

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