Review: Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen



Wow! L.J Shen has a way with words. I love her writing – sharp, witty, and powerful. Sucked me in from beginning until the end. At first when I read the blurb I was not sure about the rock star bad boy but the hero in this book melted by heart. Alec is a rock star, rich and famous. Along with that lifestyle he inherits a taste for a certain white powder . He’s gotten himself in trouble with the law and so after a short stint in rehab, his team decided he needs to be on a tight leash. They hire a baby-sitter to go on a three month tour with him.

Indie comes from the opposite side of the tracks. She is desperate to make some money to support her family so she accepts the job of baby sitting the broken rock-star. Indie knows it will be sort of a death sentence but she has no other choice. Indie’s nephew needs medical care and she would do anything for him. Indie is to collect 300K for the three months she is under Alex’s thumb. Boy!!! Alex is a handful and full elsewhere too LOL 🙂 🙂 Will three months be enough for the sweet and quirky Indie to tame the beast? Got to say, the relationship between them got me all twisted inside and my heart burned. The author did an awesome job with the chemistry – insanely hot, slow burn, gritty, raw and full of angst and feels.

Midnight Blue really is beautiful. The well-developed characters, the heartfelt plot combined with the spectacular writing — a masterpiece is born. Oh, and not to mention the COVER – Yes please!!! So, what I am trying to say is JUST READ IT!




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