Review: Up in Smoke by T.M. Frazier.

Up in Smoke Cover


Whoa! If you are a fan of T.M. Frazier and the King series this will be another fantastic read. In fact, Smoke might be my favorite of all. T.M. Frazier writes unique, gory, and violent details in all her books but this one has the least amount which suits me perfectly. I love Smoke – he is the ultimate alpha male, dark, dangerous and ruthless. However, I see the softer, flawed and vulnerable side of him. Smoke’s life is tragic – he lost so much and my heart ached for him. Smoke is out for revenge and his target is Frankie, the daughter of a man responsible for murdering his family. Frankie is young, smart and mature beyond her years. She is also a little quirky with all her questions and seduction schemes toward her captor. Frankie was attending high school and trying to keep a low profile but she could not elude this man on a mission. Smoke knows exactly who he was dealing with and Frankie might not be an innocent high schooler after all. Frankie was captured. She will be a pawn… Smoke’s property to do with what he pleases. HOT HOT HOT!!! 😊 I love Smoke and Frankie from the start. The smoking hot sexual chemistry is undeniable – the delicious push and pull, angst and passion. Steamy, sexy and gritty. Enemies-to-lovers romance at its best. I like the intensity, mystery, action, and surprise twist in the plot.

The writing is phenomenal as usual – fast paced, awesome dialogues with intriguing characters and heart pounding storyline. Definitely captured my full attention from beginning until the end. T.M Frazier’s books are very exceptional – I can’t say that I ever read anything really comparable to her stories. For a sweet, cute little author (yes, I have met her), T.M Frazier stories are larger than life. Highly recommended!





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