Review: Gentleman Nine by Penelope Ward.

Gentleman Cover

Holy Cuteness!!!
Rory, Channing, and Amber were best friends growing up. Both boys had the hots for Amber but they made a pack that neither could make a move because that would destroy their friendship. Channing kept up his end of the bargain, Rory did not. When Channing came home from college after one year away he found out Rory and Amber were an item. Channing was hurt. He distanced himself from the pack until he found out that Amber and Rory had broken up. With a new work contract in the same town as Amber, Channing took a chance and contacted Amber, looking to rent her spare room for 3 months Can Channing and Amber remain platonic roommates or is the sexual attraction they both have for each other going to rear its ugly head?

The plot is a bit more complicated than that though. Amber is heartbroken and is not looking for a relationship. That, however, does not mean she does not have adult needs. Her sexy roommate is easily available but he is too much of a man-wh*r* and again she does not want to ruin her friendship. She thought the quickest, most unattached way to do that is to contact an escort company for no strings sex. One gentleman stood out from the many profiles and so Amber chose #9 to confess all her dark secrets and desires. When Channing found out Amber’s little situation, he was not pleased. Years of ignoring his feelings for Amber came back full force. What does Channing do next? I can’t even!!! Channing’s life is also a bit complicated. Just when he thought he felt something deeper for Amber, his ex came back in the picture wanting a second chance. Can you see this hot mess about to unfold? Soon Channing realized Amber is the one he always wanted. Can he convince Amber that he is the one that can satisfy her “many adult needs” and more?

I love Channing and Amber in this friends-to-lovers romance/ second chance … not so much the relationship entanglement foursome at the beginning though. I could do without Channing’s ex. With that said, this story is super cute, sexy and romantic. It’s a bit of a different plot with the escort service which makes it fun and interesting. Awesome banters and plenty of passion and heat. I am a huge fan of Penelope Ward’s witty writing so her stories are an automatic go to for me. YAY to another entertaining read from one of my favorite author!!!









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