Review: Consequence by Rachel Higginson.

Consequence Cover


Sexy, intense, great ending to a love story…

What a perfect ending to Sayer and Caroline love story. Consequence picked up where Caroline’s daughter disappeared into thin air. Sayer found out he has a daughter all along and did not even had a chance to spend time with her. With Sayer’s dangerous past, will he ever be free? It does not seem so … he will always have to look behind his shoulder because someone is always out for blood and revenge. How will Sayer and Caroline conquer the mafia and bring their daughter back to safety?

Consequence continues with twists and turns, action packed, lies, secrets and suspense plot. The bad guy, the good guy, you trust no one. Rachel definitely turned up the heat with Sayer and Caroline in this book though. Sayer is still brooding, protective, alpha. You also see the loving sweeter side of Sayer. Caroline match him toe to toe with her feisty and fierce personality. Their love is explosive, intense, passionate… SEXY as all get out!!! The ending was just perfect! A thriller, fast paced and entertaining read. I would love a story for Frankie.





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