Review: Fighting Irish by Katy Regnery.

Fighting Irish Cover


5 STARS!!!

Beautiful new series!!!

OH MY GOSH!!! Rory Haven is the sweetest hero ever!!! Rory and Brittany first met when she was sent to Summerhaven Camp by her socialite parents. She spent four summers enjoying the activities and nature but never made friends with the young handsome Rory. He was always just a bit out of reach. Rory had gooey eyes for Brittany but he was forbidden to fraternize with the guests. Despite his attraction, Rory stayed away. Over a decade later, Brittany made her way to Summerhaven, this time looking for a place for her upcoming nuptials. Rory knew Brittany was out of his league, not to mention engaged but he can’t help to be drawn to her beauty and sweetness. Will Rory put up his dukes or move along?

“Love is the biggest battle there is.”

I live and breathe for these short little stories from Katy – they might be my favorite type of books these days. It’s short and sweet, no drama or complications, sexy, fun, and full of heart. It’s a bit old fashioned and classy – quite refreshing. I love that Rory and his siblings are close. They would do anything for each other. They are a tight family and that’s a rarity these days. I adore Tierney – she is something fierce and I can’t wait for her own story. Ian has demons to deal with but I can tell he is funny, caring and protective. The writing is phenomenal – I mean really, you absolutely cannot go wrong with any of Katy’s stories. Fighting Irish is beautiful, a perfect feel good romance you don’t want to miss.



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