Review: Silent Sins (Lotus House #5) by Audrey Carlan.


Okay so I love Audrey Carlan’s Lotus House series. Silent Sins is book five about Honor and the Italian hunk Nicholas Salerno. The beginning of the book about Honor’s life got my heart racing and I was hooked. Honor seems to have a good life – prestigious school graduate, money and status but she is completely destroyed and empty inside. Honor is such a broken character — a beautiful soul inside and out and she deserves so much more. Nicholas’s life is vastly different. He came from a large, opinionated but rather close family. Nicholas is ex-military. He is a hot yogi at the Lotus House and also owns his own gym. Nicholas is sex on legs, brooding, alpha with his own demons. When Nicholas laid eyes on Honor the first time she came to his yoga class, he was gone. She chemistry and sparks were instant and he knew she was the one for him to protect and love. Despite Honor’s skittishness, Nicholas sees his future with Honor and he is determined to break down her walls.

I love that this love story has heart. Honor was in trouble, she needed help but no one in her family cares enough. What she needs is Nicholas and his “will not take no for an answer” attitude to stick around and carry her through hard times. The alpha part of Nicholas carries over into the bedroom and of course that was scorching hot. I love all of Nicholas’s family – fun, caring and welcoming. Just lovely people. Sure, if you aren’t Italian you might have to work extra hard, but 5% Italian is definitely good enough 😉 I also like the mentioning of past characters that I fell in love with in the previous books.

One part that I am not so sure about was …

***** spoilers ahead ****

… the way Nicholas come across as dominant in the bedroom. Some parts were definitely delicious – pleasure and pain. However, given Honor’s past history I did not like the pain happening in the bedroom. Seems that would trigger memory … but I understand the act is a diversion of sort, channel the self inflicting pain into something more pleasurable kind …

Anyways that’s just my own lowly opinion. It does not take away the fact that Nicholas is rock solid, strong, protective, and swoony. I am sure to the rest of the world, Nicholas is the ultimate dominant sexy alpha hero that we all love 🙂 🙂

Silent Sins is an awesome addition to the Lotus series. The story has all the right feels – emotional, fun, passionate, and romantic. A standalone, but I recommended the entire series – the previous four were gorgeous as well.


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