Review: Smiling Irish (The Summerhaven Trio, #2) by Katy Regnery.

Smiling Irish Cover
Oh my squeezzzze!!!! Another heart-warming, sweet romance from Katy Regnery.
Smiling Irish features the second sibling from the Haven triplets. Tierney lives a quiet life working as a chief historian and live-in caretaker for an estate museum. One early morning, someone was pounding on her front door. Tierney mistakes the person for one of her brothers but when she opens the door she finds herself in trouble – a big strange man barges his way in and demands to use her phone. Before Tierney could process what was going on Burr passed out apparently from a gunshot wound. Against her better judgement, she did not call the police. She hides him in her room and nurses his wound, determined to solve the mystery of who Burr really is…

Gosh! Katy is freaking funny. It was hilarious the way Tierney was hiding Burr’s identity, lying to her brothers and her friends. I was laughing so hard at the part where she asks her friend to help sew up Burr’s wound. That poor guy – a bit nerdy but he seems to be a good guy … just not for Tierney
I adore the hero Burr – total sexy alpha, protective, Neanderthal. A bad guy or good guy? He has a big secret and has been living a somewhat a dark life for the last three years. I might have fallen in love with the heroine Tierney – this woman is something fierce. She is innocent, soft, sweet yet so brave. Their romance is a breath of fresh air – sweet, slow building. There is no question Burr is in love with Tierney but he is patient. He is caring, protective and if that means leaving Tierney in order to keep her safe, he would do it.

Katy writes such perfect couples – every love story is unique and packed with humor and sweet romance. One thing all these books have in common – it is incredibly well-written … I am truly a huge fan. Katy is unstoppable!!! Devoured this book in one sitting ❤
Cannot wait for Loving Irish.

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