Review: One Good Man by Emma Scott.

One Good Man

Beautiful, heartfelt love story ❤ …

“Sometimes it’s the smaller stories that have the greatest impact.”

LOVE LOVE LOVE this little treat from Emma Scott. Good things do come in small packages – One Good Man is full of heart and feels.

Janey is a journalist student who writes mostly about university men’s sports teams and she is sick of it. Her passion is beyond sweaty men and their muscles. She wants to be taken seriously and perhaps write important stories that make a difference in the world. She ventures out to take pictures during a protest. During a mix of chaos, she is caught and thrown into jail. This is the last draw for Janey’s father. He sends her to Paris to finish her schooling away from all the riots and mayhem. Janey is hoping for a new start with the journalism department at Sorbonne. Unfortunately, her first assignment is yet another story on a sports star. Adrien Rousseau is the best center forward football star that Paris has seen in generations with high hopes of turning pro. Janey knows all too well about hot jocks and their big egos. She is not thrilled but accepts the assignment hoping to prove herself. What Janey does not expect is falling for the charming man she thought she despised.

“I wasn’t in love with her, but in that moment, I knew someday I would be.”

Well ladies, Adrien surprised the heck out of me. I adore this hero – talented, good looking, famous with the gals but he has layers … not a typical cocky jock guys! Adrien has a good soul, sweet, and kind. Besides playing football, he is also a second-year medical student but turning pro he would have to quit medical school. Adrien carries a weight on his shoulders, harboring some deep secrets. He struggles with making the right decisions for himself and his family. What will he choose?

“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.”

One of Good Man is a novella, a short read but packed with feels and amazing chemistry. I don’t even categorize this as a sport romance. Yes, Adrien happens to play football but there is so much more to this story. Beautiful, heartfelt, romantic and as usual fantastic writing!!!

One Good Man T2

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