Review: One Wild Night by A.L. Jackson & Rebecca Shea.

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Awwww! Super short and sweet novella. Hollywood heart throb meets kindergarten school teacher. Living in LA, Kylee knows all about the glam and glitz of Hollywood and it is all a different world for her. Kaylee’s best friend happens to be the daughter of a producer so when she was invited to attend a movie premier she was reluctant to go. What she did not expect was to run straight into the muscle of the hottest man alive, Paxton. The chemistry is instant –they could not keep their eyes or hands off of each other. After a night of flirting Kaylee ended up in Paxton’s bed. The next morning, she braved the walk of shame and was caught by the paparazzi. I kind of adore Paxton. After all hell broke loose, Paxton immediately went to Kaylee to check on her and then whisked her far away to escape all the chaos. Can a famous movie heart throb fall in love with a kindergarten school teacher or are their lives too vastly different?

I enjoyed the sexy, passionate, insta-attraction between Kaylee and Paxton. I thought the story paced nicely. The collaboration in writing is seamless. A bit of drama with Paxton’s assistant – I just want to punch her in the face. I was a bit frustrated that Paxton did not do something sooner. Over all, One Wild Night was a fun, super-hot, and entertaining read.

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