Review: Baking and Babies by Tara Sivec

Baking and Babies
Baking and Babies by Tara Sivec

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Baking and Babies by Tara Sivec – 4.5 Stars

This book is way too hilarious!

Molly is ready to graduate from culinary school – she can’t wait to start her new life. Molly has a crazy insane family who love to embarrass the shy Molly at every turns. Molly has a big crush on her teacher Marco for the entire time at culinary school but she is too shy to do anything other than sneaking a sniff here and there  Marco also secretly has a crush on Molly but did not want cross that line of student/teacher relationship. He too has a crazy and over the top family. Molly got caught in a predicament when she pretended to be pregnant instead of her sister. Marco, the hero, stepped in to take the role of father of her child… and boy, the craziness begins.

“The only words I catch are anaconda penis and something about sisters wishing they’d never been born”

I really like Molly character she is funny and quirky. She has a little bit of a no nonsense personality to survive her family. Marco on the hand is super sweet. Marco on kissing Molly “sorry, I tried to wait until we were alone to do that, but I think hell might freeze over before then” – Cute.

Poor Marco was tortured mercilessly by Molly’s crazy family for impregnated their young/innocent daughter 

“Jesus Christ. They hit people with cancer? I’m a dead man.”
“My formerly happy penis shrivels up in fear, taking my balls with him”

Marco has a secret that he kept from Molly though. Can she forgive him once she finds out who he really is?

This book is super hilarious. I laughed so hard I had tears down my face. I love this book because it got a little bit of everything humor, laugh, family, and love.

Thanks Tara Sivec for this fantastic read. My heart is happy!
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