Review: Delve by Jacob Chance

DelveDelve by Jacob Chance
Gahhhh!!! Jacob Chance is becoming one of my favorite authors. I read Quake first and I have been hooked with Quiver and now Delve. This was such a delicious story of forbidden romance. Derek has been crushing on Kenna since he first laid eyes on her but she was only 18 years old. Derek was Kenna’s brothers best friend which made her completely off limits. Derek is also 7 years her senior and has been around the block a few times – he thinks she deserves someone better. He can’t stop him from having dirty thoughts about Kenna while he is busy with um … other women. Kenna is a good girl, young and innocent. She also has been fantasizing about her brother’s best friend since she met his gaze across the pool, but she thinks he only thinks of her as his best friend’s little sister – or is he? Now, Kenna is all grown up, beautiful and sexy as ever. How long can they keep their secret attraction for one another? Will Derek finally break the ultimate best friends code and at what cost?

This book is serious hot. I think the author did a great job with the two main characters portraying pretty scorching hot chemistry, the angst and the flirty banters. These two have so many NOT so innocent runs-in throughout the years in secrecy and finally they explode with well… amazing climaxes The plot was pretty attractive as well. Delve was a PI who has been keeping an eye on someone who was supposed to be a druggie but actually is a whole lot more dangerous. Derek is all alpha and tough but as the story goes on I can see the softer, sweeter side of him, especially the way he takes care of Kenna. Similar to the last two books, there were snippets of a creepy character lurking around the corner which added an element of suspense to the story. I thought there might be a little more there, but I can see that it was a perfect set up for the next book. Delve has a perfect combination of thrilling action, mystery, passion, and romance. For me, it was an entertaining, sexy, funny, short and sweet read. Forbidden/Erotic.
4.5 Stars!!!
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