Review: Max by Sawyer Bennett

Max by Sawyer Bennett

My rating: 4.5 STARS

OMG guys! Max is my new swoony hero. Actually, if you follow the Cold Fury Hockey series, all the men are mouthwatering, but Max is so sweet. He is a hot sexy goalie. Max is definitely not short of women falling all over him but Max has never been good at relationships. He is a romantic at heart though.

“He’s the type that loves deeply. He’ll not only give you every bit of his heart, but he’ll give you every bit of his heart, but he’ll give you his soul.”

Jules is beautiful, sweet and has a big heart. Jules is the type of girl next door. She is working 2 jobs trying to provide for her niece and nephews. Jules has no time for men, especially the hot famous goalie. I adore Jules because she is not fame or money hungry. Even though Max wants to take care of Jules, she is determined to make her own way. I admire a strong woman who can take care of herself. At times I was frustrated of Jules’ resistance to Max’s help but I understand her reservations. She could not make a move without the scrutiny of everyone – Max family, teammates and even the fans.

“There’s something about you that makes me believe everything is possible.”

The relationship between Max and Jules was slow building, sweet, and flirty. There are definitely plenty of sexy moments. Max is absolutely adorable though and there is nothing sexier than a man who is taken with the kids (especially not his own). Max is so swoony – he accepts Jules, all her chaos and that includes the kiddos in Jules life.

“You are a saint, Max. You’re an absolute saint. But right now … I’m completely fine with you sinning.”

This was a beautiful, sweet, sexy love story – one of my favorite of the Cold Fury series. My ovaries might have exploded over Max. TOO SWEET!
Highly recommended, fun read.

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