Review: Roman by Sawyer Bennett

RomanRoman by Sawyer Bennett

My rating: 4.5 Stars

Okay ladies! Who is a fan of a bad boy, sexy hockey player? ME!
This book follows Roman, a trouble maker, Cold Fury defenseman, and Lexi, a daughter of the team owner. Talk about forbidden romance right?

Roman and Lexi met for the first time while he was waiting to be counseled by none other than Gray the general manager who turns out to be Lexi’s future half-sister. Lexi was at Cold Fury’s front office for a whole different reason. She is about to deliver the news to the team owner that she is his long lost daughter. Roman and Lexi’s first meeting sparks chemistry right away. Roman was intrigued by the mysterious, feisty, funny, outgoing beautiful blue eyed goddess.
I really like Lexi – she is a free spirit. She is a musician, happily working as a barista and occasionally performing with her ukulele and singing at night. She recently lost her mother, the only family she knew. Since she found out about her father the only thing she wants is to have a new family. Brian is a good man – he was dating Lexi’s mother but he could not give himself fully at the time so they broke it off. Lexi’s mother kept her pregnancy a secret so Brian never had a chance to meet his second daughter. Brian willingly accepts Lexi but Gray is not so convinced. She is wary of Lexi’s motive for legitimate reasons. She does not know Lexi and she needs time to process it all.

Roman is a bad boy of the team. He arrogant, has a bad reputation and is frequently benched for his bad behavior on the ice. Roman does not answer to anyone but himself and he knows the team needs him as much as he needs them. Will Lexi be able to conform and tame the bad boy?

What Roman did at the end to ensure Lexi stays near her new found family is super sweet. He makes his decision based on Lexi’s happiness – totally swoony and a hero in my eyes.
I love the relationship between all the characters in this book. Roman and Lexi’s chemistry is smoking hot. Brain and Lexi are just endearing. Gray and Lexi’s relationship is turbulent but all sisters fight. Even Gray and Roman grow up once they realize they almost lost the one they love. This book was told in three POV and that was a nice treat. We get to see a little bit of Brian’s story with Georgia and I love that he has a HEA after so many years being alone. He deserves some happiness.

Roman is simply not about the love between the two main characters but it is also about family. The story is heartwarming, sweet, sexy, cute and fun. I enjoyed the banters between all the characters. I love the storyline which kept me going the whole time. Over all, a fantastic read.
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